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Syttende Mai 

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Find our 3 mischievious Trolls!

They are always up to mischief and who knows where they are around Westby.  We need your help in finding them!

troll hunt

may 17th - 19th

Syttende Mai Westby

Troll Hunt


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Syttende Mai Westby
  • All three trolls are able to be found 24/7.

  • All three trolls will be hidden by May 16th, no later than midnight.

  • All three trolls are hidden within the Westby City limits

  • No troll is hidden on private property.

  • All three trolls will be hidden no more than 8 feet off the ground.

  • No troll will be buried below ground.

  • Each troll prize equals $100; finder can claim prize for more than one found.

  • Finder(s) cannot keep the Trolls.

  • Clues for each Troll will be posted at these times:

    • 1st CLUE:  Friday, May 17th - 4:00pm

    • 2nd CLUE: Saturday, May 18th - 12:00pm

    • 3rd CLUE: Sunday, May 19th - 12:00pm

  • Clues will be posted on the inside glass door located at the Connelly Law Office, 201 S. Main Street.  It will also be posted on the Syttende Mai Facebook Page.

  • If you find a Troll, follow these instructions:

    • Read the instruction slip that is found inside the bag with the 1 Troll in it.

    • Take Troll to the Information Booth located at 201 South Main St.  Booth is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm, May 17-19.

    • Finder(s) MUST turn in the Troll to get the prize of $100 for each Troll.  Finder(s) may certainly find and redeem more than 1 Troll for additional prize monies.

    • NO prize money will be mailed to finder(s).

    • Finder(s) are asked to register their Troll on the Registration Board at the Information Booth, with their name, where and when the Troll was found.

    • Finder(s) will be invited to have their picture taken with or without the Troll.

lykke til

"Good Luck"

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